Collettivo Mazzulata in concert.
A celebration of traditional music with original popular pieces re-read through folk, country, blues, jazz, and hip hop, with an influx of Latin American sounds.


To paerticipate in a Show of the Collettivo Mazzulata is a unique and editing occasion for meeting Italy and its traditions, where sounds, colours and rhythms of all types from every part of the world merge with music, bringing the spectator into a totally new world of tradition and modernity. Funk, hip-hop, tarantella and nursery rhymes, in an enjoyable chaos of rhythms and sounds, diverse regional dialects, and the atmosphere of rowdy excitement and revelry: this is how the Collective Mazzulata interprets music, a bizarre and unpredictable repertoire, including Latin rhythms and «pizzica», surf and the songs of the rice pickers, rock & roll and the poetry of Carducci, Alpine melodies, Sardinia and frenzied Jungle rhythms.
Native from the province of Varese, the Collettivo Mazzulata is dedicated to the salvage and circulation of popular Italian songs from our tradition. In 2007 was released the first CD, Ratafolk, positively acclaimed by several European folk magazines; after that they participated in We love Jazz in Torino, Das Fest in Germany and the Zagreb’s Open Air Festival Park. In the summer of 2009 the group played the open lead for the Davide Van de Sfroos concert at the Notte Bianca of Varese. The second studio album release is planned for September 2010.


26 Agosto 2010






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