MUISLAND – Terra Naomi and Radiolondra concert

Terra Naomi and Radiolondra in concert.
Performance by Terra Naomi, U.S. singer-songwriter, winner of the YouTube Award. With her, Radiolondra.


Terra Naomi

Sometimes just a good idea is sufficient to light the fuse of revolution. That’s how Terra Naomi became the first music star to explode on the scene thanks to YouTube, from where in 2006 she launched her innovative “Virtual Summer Tour” live from her own apartment…! This young American pop singer today is proof of how much Internet is the most powerful means to disseminate one’s ideas and talent. After the success of Say It’s Possible – From the album Under the Influence – in March 2007 Terra Naomi won the first YouTube Video Award for Best Music. On tour with his new acoustic album Go Quietly, Terra Naomi has been in Italy in December 2009 for her first Italian tour in support of AVSI.

Radio Londra

Presented by Warner Music Italy among the young artists for the Sanremo Festival 2008 and as finalists at Musicultura 2010, the Radiolondra band was born in Bologna from a group of friends. The individual musical talent of each band member and the wealth of experience previously acquired by the group are intertwined with the creative vein of Francis Picciano (winner of the Fano Music Festival in 2007). In the summer of 2009 the band performed in the Emilia-Romagna, and Marche regions, and has played to support the projects and the work of AVSI last December, at the concert openings on the Terra Naomi tour during the Bologna and Rimini evenings.


24 Agosto 2010






Area Piscine Ovest Edison