The Hideaway and the wanted menin concert.
Rock and blues with the Roman band from their repertoire of original pieces and covers from the international music scene.


Love for music as an instrument for investigating the real: this is the spirit which in 2008 initiated the acoustic adventure of The Hideaway and the Wanted Men, a story of brotherhood which begins with the encounter of two artists coming form two parallel worlds: Mic Serious (Michele Seri, guitar and voice) and Radio Bones (Dario Cavidossi, bass and choir). The group is completed by: Stefano Fontolan on drums; Luca De Franceschi on guitar; Andrea Torti on piano, keyboards, hammond and choirs.
This Roman band’s music covers the international scene proposing rock (Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley) and blues. Their fundamental dimension is the live play, direct contact with the public, through the wood that rings with vibration, the solidity of the earth.
A vibrant concert of “solid tube rock” on the notes of Brown sugar, Start me up, Twist and shout and plenty of original music for primordial sounds, valve pulsations which burst into the air as if from the cone of an old saturated amplifier, transferring emotions of original and communitarian experience.


23 Agosto 2010






Area Piscine Ovest Edison