Man: feeti on earth and gaze towards the sky


‘The exhibition, assembled by Fiorenzo Facchini and Julien Ries, and coordinated by Paolo Pasini, presents man as the greatest wonder of creation. From Homo Abilis of two and a half million years ago and already possessing a symbolic and aesthetic sense, through Homo Erectus, who discovered fire and speech, to Homo Sapiens, a religious man who built graves which can still be seen now, to Homo Sapiens Sapiens, creator of the so called cathedrals of prehistory: the decorated caves in France, Spain and Italy. The second millennium saw the rise of the great religions linked to their respective cultures: India, China, Greece, Mediterranean. At the basis of the religions of new peoples are the Indo-European migrations. Abraham received the message of the one God and started the journey of the Jewish people towards the fullfillment of divine revelation: Jesus Christ. The images and texts of the exhibition are taken from the volumes: “Man: the origins”, by Fiorenzo Facchini; “Man: the religions”, by Julien Ries, published by Jaca Book. Julien Ries, director of the Centre for History of Religions of the Catholic University of Leuven, was born in Belgium in 1920. A priest from Namur diocese, he studied theology, phylology and Oriental history in Leuven. In his interventions over ten years at the Meeting, he has placed a stress on the religious sense and on man’s inexstinguishable search for God.’


21 Agosto 1994 - 27 Agosto 1994




Agorà C1 (Area CdO)
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