Majdan: from patience to hope


It was a cry for human dignity and not a political program that brought people to take to the streets in Majdan. The three months spent by many peaceful Ukrainians in the central square of Kiev marked the striking story of those who wanted to recover their dignity and that made a journey that took them from compassion and liberty from fear to experiencing that hope in which they saw the birth of a new people.

Disclosing the European values and their Christian origins testimonies the spirit Ukraine is addressing to the world when rediscovering a new beginning for Europe, a beginning born within the ruins of communism. This revolution for dignity addresses the human heart to hear its beating again. To hear its beating where patience, virtue and hope – forces that can change history, politics and culture – are reborn.

Curators: Aleksandr Filonenko and Aleksej Sigov.


24 Agosto 2014 - 30 Agosto 2014




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