“MADE MYSELF READY TO SUSTAIN THE WAR…” Five generations walking with Dante, a debate

In collaboration with Avvenire. With the contribution of Regione Emilia-Romagna.
Pietro Baroni, Teacher and Director of Colloqui Fiorentini; Gabriele Dell’Otto, Illustrator; Francesca Gargantini, Teacher; Clementina Mazzoleni, Former teacher; Laura Rodella, Student; Paolo Valentini, President of the Centocanti Association, School Director of Fondazione Karis. Introduced by Franco Nembrini, Teacher and Author.

With the participation of Fabio Volo, Writer, Actor, television and radio Author and Presenter.

Dante is one of the main contents of our school curricula. And he is certainly the most studied Italian author, even in schools abroad.
Are Dante’s works just an important part of the cultural background that has to be acquired? or do they provide an education to more authentic humanity, more aware of itself and the world? Is it possible to interest young people in this poet, his life and his works, and even make them passionate about him?
Through this meeting, we will be able to participate in a generational transition in identifying with the experience of the great poet, we will discover how young and old have been able to find in him a master of knowledge and a teacher of life. It is an encounter about Dante, learned and popular, wise and simple, teacher and friend.



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24 Agosto 2021






Auditorium Intesa Sanpaolo D1