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“why don’t you all look in your face
and you recognise among yourselves the life
where we all are?” Mario Luzi.

It is life, that place “where we all are”, that from which poetry has birth and for which it screams. In these verses by Mario Luzi here is the “prayer” of poetry, that which insistently it continues to ask.
Stearing at each others face, identify ourselves, being men all the way with all the desire and all the dramma, when facing life.
Poetry, in the last years, has become in the Meeting, a constant presence. In the room of the clanDestino magazine, even this year, every day at 18 p.m., there will be readings of poetry with live music. In the stand is also possible to read the issues of the magazine and the texts in consultation, to meet some of the editors, to hand in your own manuscripts, to participate in brief moments of Workshop with Davide Rondoni and Gianfranco Laurentano. On the large canvasses hang at the walls of the stand, there one meets the great contemporary Italian and European poetry and on the videos always lit, documentaries and interviews with the greatest poets of our times.


18 Agosto 2002 - 24 Agosto 2002


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