Laic that Christian. S.Giuseppe Moscati medician.


Moscati was medicina and scientist lived in Naples between 1800 and 1900: his figure summarises in itself an exceptional capacity of professional, scientific and civilian commitment united to a profound Christian spirit.
The medical profession has been lived by him with a clarity of judgement and with a strong commitment that appears as a stem of provocation in respect of the way health operators work, his scientific work sets directly at issue the relationship between science and faith, even in comparison with the univerity world and scientific research, from him lived with passion for many years.
The exhibition intens therefore to put at issue the profession of the health operator through the figure of a medician who is a Saint. It intends moreover to propose the meeting of the figure of Moscati in its multiple aspects: the medician, through the testimony of his patients and the documentation of his professional work; the teacher, through the documentation of his didactic work and the testimony of his followers; the man of culture, that at the time pondered in a positivistic and masonic climate.


18 Agosto 2002 - 24 Agosto 2002


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