I can see the sun, even when its raining’. Uberto Mori, the story of a man


‘On 6 December 1997, in Modena, in the Abbey Basilica of San Pietro, the Canonisation Proceedings began for Uberto Mori, an engineer from Modena, born in 1926, a life dedicated to work and works of charity. Through his figure, the exhibition documents the concrete possibility of a relationship with life that takes into account the totality of its factors. A new way of looking at things: ‘The world can be different from that in which others live, as long as you look at it with eyes that see” wrote Mori. In the Fifties, the esteem and standing surrounding Mori increased thanks to the professional creativity and industrial innovations which, still in use today in the industry, radically changed ceramic working methods. A creativity lived to the full, at work and outside, in the communication projects, in the numerous Marian works in which Mori was involved. From the unity of his experience emerges an extraordinary opening onto reality.’


20 Agosto 2000 - 26 Agosto 2000


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