Homage to Bill Congdon


‘The homage to William Congdon, a friend of the Meeting since its first editions, becomes the occasion to analyse one of the most interesting and singular artists of our century. Amongst the works displayed are: “New York City”, of 1948; “Piazza Venice n. 5”, which belongs to the series of Venetian squares painted by Congdon between 1951 and 1952; “Rome, Colosseum n.2” of 1951, which powerfully links the view of the inside of the building with that of the city; “Assisi n.2″ of 1954, inspired by the usual appointment with the town in Umbria during the Holy Week; ‘Guatemala n.6”, born in 1957 during the month spent by Congdon in Antiqua, in a workshop inside the semi-wrecked Carmine convent; “Barley field” of 1932, where the common theme of the fields finds new expressive solutions; “Snow sky night” of 1987; “Corn 1” and “Yellow with sun” of 1989; “Monastery, 1”, the facade of a house, painted in 1990, which brings Congdon to the initial subject of his painting, although , at the same time, tracing a vertiginous distance from that painting.’


22 Agosto 1992 - 29 Agosto 1992


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