Historical images of the papal dynasty


‘This is, to say the least, an unusual exhibition; a remarkably complete collection of images of the long succession of Popes, with a wealth of material which is displayed in a new and highly original fashion. It could almost be described as a kind of jigsaw puzzle in which every element and detail, even the most disparate, is fit-ted intelligently into the right place. The history of Papal authority is revealed though a series of “col-lages” of picture postcards, sacred images, pages of books, photographs of coins and commemorative medals, coats of arms, de-signs and antique and modern prints. The complete succession of 271 Popes, in perfect chronological or-der, from Saint Peter to John Paul II, is displayed and accompanied by essential biographical information in Italian and Dutch. There are many rare and interesting exhibits; for example, the Papal letter seals of 1925 (30mm × 34mm, light brown, with a serrated edge) or the large poster, printed in 1903, illustrating all the Popes. The exhibition also includes a number of rare state documents from the Vatican City, Papal passports, eighteenth and nineteenth century prints, a complete series of picture postcards of the Popes and a number of holy images decorated with lace. The lively and stimulating exhibition is the fruit of an accurate and tenacious labour of love, and has required many years of painstaking research, such as could be undertaken only by an enthusiastic and dedicated collector. In fact, Asco Borsari, the owner of the collection, must have had infinite reserves of patience and imagi-nation to have been able to assemble and then order the several thousands of items shown in the exhibition in these 27 display al-bums with transparent plastic pages; in reality, there was so much material that a part has regrettably been left out. Borsari is a veteran of the Italian philatelic scene, and has even received a medal of honour for his efforts. Since 1955 he has been a director of Rimini’s Philately and Numismatic Club, and has also organized a number of successful exhibits. His “Nativity and Sacred Images” presented in 1982, was greatly appreciated; not suprisingly, as for the occasion he constructed a nativity scene which featured more than 10,000 illustrations of the saints.’


20 Agosto 1988 - 27 Agosto 1988


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