God smiles at twelve twenty


‘The exhibition presents an interesting journey through the paintings and drawings of Letizia Fornasieri. Point of departure is the attractiveness of reality, captured in the little things of every day and which gradually opens onto the interiors of the home and the various aspects of the town, as far as the recognition of the human figure. From the provocation of things emerges the conscience of the self, an inexhaustible desire for meaning. The wait and the quest unpredictably encounter the meaning become human presence: Christ. A precise day and hour, in which the Mystery smiles. From that moment, the painting of Letizia Fornasieri has fixed its glance on Jesus, his friends, his encounters. First of all seeking suggestions among the painters of the past, and then finding a personal path, currently trodden through sketches and small and large pastel and water-colour drawings. This is a beginning, and it is this first outlook, full of dramatic expectation, that involves us deeply. Letizia Fornasieri Letizia Fornasieri was born in 1955 in Milan where she lives and works. She graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. About her encounter with painting she said, “I thought painting didn’t serve any useful purpose, and attended the “liceo scientifico”. While at school however, I was always drawing. I then attended the last year of the “liceo artistico” and the Academy, which perhaps I should have attended from the start. After finishing my studies, I wanted to understand whether painting was my destiny and whether I should dedicate my time to it’ Since 1981, she has staged one-man and collective exhibitions in various Italian cities. Some of her public works are to be found in: the Church of S. Cuore of Limbiate (Wood Panel for the Crucifix of the Main Altar); Church of San Paolo Brugherio (Saint Paul Altar Piece – Main Altar); Church of the Holy Face of Milan (Tablet with the Prodigal Son).’


23 Agosto 1998 - 29 Agosto 1998


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