Galileo legend and reality


‘The exhibition does not only wish to provide a historic account of Galileo’s story, but also bring to the forefront the human experience of Galileo in all its dimensions, present a non-reductive picture of science, show that within an experience of faith, even science can find its right place, and re-establish a number of historical truths. The exhibition is designed so as to recreate the historical, social and cultural environment of the period, which corresponds to the birth of the modern age, showing the upheavals, contrasts and extraordinary creativity that existed even in the Italy of the Counter-Reformation. It also wants to show Galileo, the scientist at work, engaged in endeavouring to find more adequate ways of becoming acquainted with nature, but also the impulsive man, little inclined to establish a constructive dialogue with the authorities. More in general, it will attempt to review the entire episode and its historical consequences, in the light of modern science and its profoundest requirements. The exhibition itinerary comprises four rooms: ‘Galileo’s Masters’, ‘Galileo and Knowledge’, ‘The Trial’, ‘After Galileo’.’