Friedrich: a wayfarer on a sea of light.


“The painter not ony ha sto paint what he sees in front of himself, but also that which he sees within himsesf”.
The exhibition presents the pactural production of Caspar David Friedrich (Greifswald 1774 – Dresda 1840), unequalable protagonist of the german cultural climate of the first half of the Eighthundreds, permeated with classicism and romanicism.
The enchanting panorama of Upper Saxony, often followed and contemplated by man, subjects dear to Friederich, are always built according to a rational ruth, of extreem formal equilibrium, and according to a lyric truth: nature is manifestation of the divine and essential it becomes the moved participation of man who spots in it a trasciendence, the sense of infinity, of the absolute and of the mystery, profound seemingness of symbols, allegories and evocations.


18 Agosto 2002 - 24 Agosto 2002


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