Filippo Malatesta with his band will present a selection of his “classics”, some of his songs about 4 Eps with beautiful and suggestive visits in Italian songwriting.

He has learnt how to play guitar thanks to Fabio Giovanni Malacarne, a musician of Villa Verucchio, with him he founded in 1984 his first band: I Fibra. The band was usually playing in a pub in Rimini and their repertoire was about cover songs of U2, Simple Minds and Lucio Battisti. In 1992, during a concert at Old American bar in Viserba, he has been noticed by Patrizia Rabitti who introduces him to her husband, Mario Flores, who was the owner of the Heaven Studios, which was a big recording studio in Rimini. Filippo attended several auditions in Milan and released in 1992 his first EP, “La figlia del re”. Patrizia Rabitti is the inventor of Filippo’s name of art “Malatesta”: she was in fact an art scholar and Filippo’s town, Villa Verucchio, was the town of the Malatesta family, so she thought it was a good name for him.
In 1992 Filippo has his first apparition on a tv show called “Canzoniere dell’estate” with “La figlia del re”.
In the following years he took part of Roxy bar tv show and of an Italian tour.
In 1994 he released his second EP, “Malatesta a San Francisco” which has been produced in the Usa. The producer of this EP is Corrado Rustici, the same of Zucchero and Elisa.
In 1994 he took also part to “Un disco per l’estate” tv show in Riccione. In 1997 he released his third EP, “Il re delle tre” and let Visa records because of some divergences. In 2000 he writes the song “Cento giorni” for the singer Syria, a song which is part of Syria’s EP “Come una goccia d’acqua”.
His last EP has been released in 2004 and its title is “Giramondo”.


24 Agosto 2016






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