Education to nature, a resource: the scout movement


‘The aim of the exhibition is to document one of the most important and meaningful aspects of the Scout educative method: the education to nature. Nature, with its innumerable difficulties and with the great possibilities that it offers, represents first of all an occasion for a boy or a girl to carry out activities of play and work together; in them, the taste for exploration and discovery – and therefore for adventure – goes hand in hand with the awareness by the boys and girls of the possibility of intervening actively and responsibly. This creates an interest in the young people towards the beauties and the mysteries which nature itself presents to us. The exhibition is made up of photographic material which shows the concrete way in which the young people are educated to nature: from the construction of typical settlements in the camps, to the examples of experiences of this relationship with nature.’


21 Agosto 1982 - 29 Agosto 1982


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