Digital explorations


‘Born in Milan in 1958, Adriano Abbado studied Electronic Music Composition at Milan Conservatory and Media Arts at the MIT Media Laboratory, where in 1988 he obtained a Master of Science with a thesis on ‘Perceptive correspondence of abstract animation and synthetic sound’. Since 1981 he has been working in the digital image sector: his works have been presented in galleries in Europe, the USA, Latin America and Japan, including at the Venice Biennial in 1986. He is the joint author of the book ‘Images with the computer’ (Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, 1985). He has written the ‘Ab stra’ software for the creation of abstract sequences, with which he realised the digital animation sequence ‘Fluidi’, awarded in 1992 at the QuickTime Film Festival of San Francisco and published on CD-ROM by Sumeria, Inc. Since 1990 he has directed the design of several interactive programs including the CD-ROM ‘Il Carnevale degli Animali’, ‘Don Giovanni’ and ‘Grandi Cantanti’. He has also created numerous websites. His site on the web is Currently, Adriano Abbado continues his artistic research into the digital audio-visual field, creating inter-related images, animated sequences and synthetic sounds. This type of research is present at the exhibition ‘Esplorazioni digitali’ with the work ‘Dynamics 2’, which represents a concrete example of Abbado’s theories. His research also moves in other directions, especially towards the creation of abstract images, visions of imaginary digital worlds. The images presented in ‘Esplorazioni digitali’ appear in different forms and types, static and animated, two and three-dimensional, interactive and not. The exhibition presents 18 large-size digital tables based on the works ‘Two spheres’ and ‘Object’, also present in the form of luminous boxes; the perpetual picture ‘Motion picture’; the three-dimensional animated sequence with spatialized sounds ‘Dynamics 2’; and the interactive installation ‘Genetic Art’.’


20 Agosto 2000 - 26 Agosto 2000


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