Contemporary mexican art


‘Two contemporary Mexican artists are represented in this exhibition, which includes 18 works by Oscar Martinez, and 16 by Heliodoro Her-nandez. The two artists were born in the same year, and both received a formal academic artistic educa-tion. Nevertheless, their styles are very different. Martinez, like many other Mexican artists of his generation, takes the work of Rufino Tamayo as a mo-del. The specializes in watercolours executed in bold, vivacious co-lours, making use of a figurative repertoire of impressive imagina-tion, greatly influenced by popu-lar traditions. The interpretation of this themes and subjects is often left open for the observer who is drawn into a fantasy world in which people and animals live to-gether in a kind of festive delight. The coloured lithographs of Her-nandez are more openly inspired by the manuscripts, art, fabrics and pottery, of the pre-colombian civilizations, but he is not insen-sible to the qualities of Klee and Mirò, who are reinterpreted in the light of a world whose roots delve deep into ancient history.’


20 Agosto 1989 - 27 Agosto 1989


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