Brazil: a presence that changes reality


‘The exhibition is divided into two sections: the first is entitled, ‘Favela, floor of stars…’, and offers visitors an idea of the environmental recovery work that for some years has been going on at Belo Horizonte, third city of Brazil and capital of Minas Gerais. Fifteen, photographic panels, a model of a favelas, a continuous-cycle film on work in the favelas, an origi-nal mineiro loom and a display of fabrics, illustrate the lives of about 500,000 people amassed in very precarious conditions in the large cities of Brazil. But the favela is not only a shanty town without a history: it is a place where people live, where friendships, soli-darity and relationships are built between people. The second section, entitled, ‘In the Green Ocean’, shows the work being done in Manaus, capital of Amazonas, at the ‘Rainha dos Apostolos’ professio-nal agricultural training school. This agricultural school is attended by young Amerindians from all over the Amazon who learn to make the best possible use of forest resources. This section illustrates the daily work of the AVSI at Manaus through fifteen photographic panels, a continuous-cycle film and an exhibition of arts and crafts made by the students of the school. The AVSI (International Volunteers Service Association) is a non-government organisation which opera-tes in the sector of development cooperation with de-veloping countries. It was established in Cesena in 1972 and was recognised by a decree of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1973. To date it has implemen-ted 30 pluriennial development projects, 10 of which have terminated. These include health projects envi-ronmental recovery schemes, agricultural programmes and education and training courses in Zaire, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Para-guay, Argentina, Chile, and Poland. Emergency aid programmes have been implemented in Iraq (Kurdi-stan), Peru, Brazil and Croatia. An in-depth discussion of the exhibition themes (‘ALL THE WORLD IN TOWN: THE GREAT CITIES OF THE THIRD WORLD’) will be held on Tuesday, 25th August, at 11 am, speakers Arturo Alberti, Gervasio Gestori, An-tonio Kandir, Anna Michelini.’


22 Agosto 1992 - 29 Agosto 1992


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