Around the cities of the world toward Jerusalem


‘This exhibition, promoted by the Rimini Meeting with the cooperation of the 17th Triennial of Milan, presents a visual investigation Of the photographer, Giovanni Chiaramonte in four cities fundamental to the culture and civilizations of the Mediterranean: Rome , Athens, Istanbul and Jerusalem. This investigation begins in the modern-day outskirts of these cities; places without identity, history or originality and moves in-wards towards the centers which gave them their foundation and destiny through the specific forms of different religious experiences: that of the Greek world, that of the Jewish world, that of the Christian world and that of the Islamic world. The pictures of Giovanni Chiaramonte thus appear as a unitary story of the housing problem, as a diary of a return journey in search of one’s home after the great urban homologation perpetrated by our modem civilization. As the poet, Edwin Muir, wrote, “If this return journey had an end… how could I reach it except by taking that busy road, vast as life, vast as the world… and the turbulent world slips sweetly home… This is the land of our journey: we pass by without loo-king. But we have contemplated the reaper of gold against the evening sky bathed in joy”. The exhibition is made up of about 100 photos which, after the Mee-ting, will be exhibited at the Triennial of Milan during the celebrations for the International Exhibition. Giovanni Chiaramonte was born in Varese in 1948 but lives in Milan where he completed his studies in philosophy. He now dedicates his time to the cinema and creative photography. He has staged exhibitions in France, Italy and Spain and has com-piled a book, “Giardini e Paesaggi” published by Jaca Book in 1983.’


20 Agosto 1988 - 27 Agosto 1988


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