‘The exhibition is composed of 40 large-size black and white photos taken by Flavio Marchetti during four trips between December 1991 and early July 1992. Marchetti travelled inside Albania, through the southern region between VIore and Tirana, visiting peasant families, the countryside, hospitals, orphanages and a psychiatric institution. He steeped himself in the poverty of the Albanians and lived with them in their houses of animal dung. His intention was first of all to share their daily needs, the cold, the hunger, the lack of basic health facilities and other services. The pictures only came later, after a human relationship had been established. An unusual reportage, impartial like those of journalists normally are, and yet not ‘cold’. On the contrary, the direct participation in a human drama, which is also ours, represents its all-important trait.’


22 Agosto 1992 - 30 Agosto 1992


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