Road to Meeting…sixth stage

30 March 2023

At this year’s Meeting, ‘Human existence is an inexhaustible friendship’, there will be an exhibition dedicated to the book entitled “Cavallo Rosso-Red Horse” by Eugenio Corti, promoted by the Research Center “Literature and Culture of United Italy. Francesco Mattesini” of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan and of the Eugenio Corti Association, of which Mrs. Vanda of Marsciano Corti is President. Both realities have been working for years to keep the writer's memory alive and to promote his work.

It will be an opportunity to illuminate, on the human and literary level, the fundamental role that the author coming from Brianza area and his historical novel, after forty years from the date of first publication, occupy within the literature of the twentieth century.

Literature has never been, for Eugenio Corti, a pastime, but a precious vehicle of principles, values, and Christian testimony. Love, war, politics, history, faith, friendship, hope are just some of the many themes present in the different sections of the exhibition, as they emerge from the rereading of the Red Horse. At the center of his narrative is, in fact, the man, in his truest and deepest dimensions, beyond the reduction made by the last century ideologies.

The exhibition therefore wants to offer a significant contribution to delve into the title of this Meeting edition by showing how Corti is a master, a witness and a prophet for our time.

With this exhibition we want Eugenio Corti to return to the Meeting, in which he has often participated receiving an enthusiastic welcome, so that everyone can still meet his extraordinary human and literary testimony.

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