Messa Paolo

Currently director of the American Studies Center, formerly a director of administration, born in Bari on May 31, 1976, he graduated in Political Science. Expert in information, political and public communication, founded the journal and editorial project “Formiche”, taught Techniques and Languages of Journalism and Political and Economic Journalism at La Sapienza University of Rome and regularly holds lectures on Media and Intelligence for several Master’s degree. He started his professional career as the communications manager of the Environmental and Security Office for Confindustria Bari. Starting in 2000, for one year, he was the editorial director of the daily Puglia d’Oggi and in 2001 he is called to direct the national communication of the UDC. In 2004 he is the adviser for the communication of the vice-president of the Council of Ministers. In 2011 he is an adviser to the institutional communication of the Minister of the Environment, which he held until 2013. He was therefore a consultant for the communication of Invitim Sgr and he has held positions of director in the company “Base per Altezza” srl. He is author of several publications, is director of the company “Lola media group” srl and of the non-profit private consortium “Conai” as well as a member of the Scientific Committee of the three-year degree in Global Governance at Tor Vergata University in Rome.


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