Aly Sayed Mahmoud

Sayed Mahmoud, an Egyptian Journalist and poet, born in 1969. He was the chief editor of al-Kahera, cultural newspaper, issued from the ministry of culture from Sep 2014 until he resigned his post in April 2017. Mahmoud is currently is a Managing Editor at Al-Ahram Al-Arabi magazine.
Mahmoud headed many of the cultural sections in many Egyptian newspapers and publications including Al-Ahram newspaper and other independent newspapers.
He is an award winning journalist; he won the best literary coverage award from the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate in 2001.
Mahmoud has also been on the board of many Judging Panels of prestigious literary awards, most notably the International Prize for Arabic Fiction aka as (Arabic Booker), 2016 term, Dubai Journalism Award, and Sawiris Literary award.
He worked as a freelance Literary reporter for the London based newspaper, Al-Hayat, Lebanese newspaper “Al-Akhbar,” and Reuters Arabic bureau in Egypt and currently he writes a weekly essay in Al Shorok newspaper
Mahmoud has authored many books including poems collection Tilawat Al-Zil (The Shadow Recitation), Fitnat al-Soual (The Temptation of the Question) which was coauthored with Bahrini Poet Qassim Haddad.

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