Al-Bazi Douglas

Douglas Joseph Shimshon Al-Bazi(born 1972) is a known catholic priest lives in New Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq. He serves as a Douglas Bazi, a Chaldean priest, had a hard life. Born in 1972, as a child he saw the war against Iran and lived under the regime that controlled his life until 2003, going trough the 1991 war and the tragic years of the international embargo.
Once “freed” by the Americans he shared with other Iraqis terrifying experiences: he was shot, a bomb exploded next to his church and he was kidnapped for 9, terrible days. He lived in the Iraqi capital the dramatic waves of violence that affected the Christians in 2004, in 2006 and 2010 and since 2013 he has been living and working in Iraqi Kurdistan.
On November 2006 Father Douglas was kidnapped by a militant group, where he was tortured and released days later. He suffered multiple injuries including two broken vertebraefrom his spinal cord, and his face and knees were smashed using a hammer.
Father Bazi is responsible in Ankawa of two hospitality centres for Christians who fled from the violence of the IS.

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