Recovery & Next Generation: the path towards ecological transition

Paolo Emilio Signorini, Chairman of Genoa Port Authority; Carlo Tamburi, Director of Enel Italy; Riccardo Toto, General Manager of Renexia. Introduced by Marco Piuri, Managing Director FNM and CEO Trenord.

The Recovery Plan and Next Generation EU represent a historic opportunity to invest in the future of Europe and its Member States to restart after the Covid-19 emergency. It is a unique opportunity in terms of the resources invested and efforts required to launch a real transformation of the country system.
The plan with which Italy is preparing to respond to this challenge, the PNRR, has the ambition of carrying out the reforms that have been talked about for decades (Public Administration, Justice, etc.). In particular, two strategic axes have been identified in which infrastructure and mobility play important roles: ecological transition (€60-70 billion, equal to 31% of the total resources allocated to Italy); digitalisation and innovation (€40-50 billion, equal to 21% of the total resources allocated to Italy). The governance of the PNRR is articulated and complex, with a series of ad hoc bodies and rules that have identified Ministries, Regions and Local Authorities as the primary implementing bodies. This evening’s debate is an opportunity to take stock of the grounding of Italy’s PNRR and to understand with some of the main players how they are doing, where they see opportunities or criticalities.



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24 Agosto 2021






Sala Generali B4