“The imprint – Modern Hearts”

Press Meeting

Multimedia show with a selection of the best poems
of last century and great names of Italian theater

Rimini, August 20th 2015 – On August 20th, great poetry is the heart of the opening night of the Meeting. “The Footprint – Hearts modern” will be on stage at 9.45 p.m. in Arena Frecciarossa1000 D3, original poetry reading multimedia, in collaboration with the Malatesta Music Festival.

There will be a selection of the best poems of last century, with the video contribution of big names of Italian theater: Francesca Benedetti, Maddalena Crippa, Joel Dix, Sandro Lombardi, Glauco Mauri, Ermanno Montanari, Michele Nani, Massimo Popolizio, Galatea Ranzi Roberto Sturno, Pamela Villoresi and with a special presence by Michael Lonsdale (the “bad”, Sir Hugo Drax of “Moonraker”, the series of James Bond). Marco Baldazzi will be on stage and the director of the show is Otello Cenci.

The verses of Mario Luzi are the starting point of this extraordinary journey through poetry, and human heart enraptured by it. They illustrate the theme of this edition: “What is this lack, a lack of / heart, / of which/ all of a sudden you are full? But it exists,/ preserves its strength and music / the perpetual music will return …”

The deeper meaning of this research on the trail of the great Florentine poet is the dizziness, the mystery, the charm of poetry felt as language, with a deep musically consonance that is within the heart of every man. “The beauty of this show – said the director Otello Cenci – was the work of research that it required. We interviewed many big names of theater and we sent them the poems we had chosen. They felt so involved that they have interpreted other poems on this issue, giving voice to different sensitivities. We tried to develop them, without a musical background, but as a musical score”.

An evening of words and visions and dominated by an evidence: human heart has a footprint. It has a gap, a hole, a wound. It has the outline of a mysterious “footprint “. Art has always dealt with this footprint (“flaming hiccups” as Baudelaire said) and poetry gives voice to it.
The show proposed at the Meeting will echo the voices of poets which are different for period, origin, cultural and religious matrix. Because everywhere under world’s heaven people feel the presence of this imprint in their heart. It causes pain and rushes at the same time, and leads to find out who, what will fill it, could correspond to its measure, that is actually huge. That nothingness, that absence which is a sign of an unknown presence that make life alive and almost that claims as his, as marked by her.