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Hours: 10:30 AM – 11:30 PM

Follow the liveliness, the music, the colors, and the explosion of vitality, and you will arrive at Padiglione C3, the Children’s Village: entirely for toddlers and children from ages 1 to 12, where from 10:30 AM to 11:00 PM, there will be constant workshops, exhibitions, shows, games and encounters dedicated to kids.

Every year, the ENEL Children’s Village unites its atmosphere to the educational content of the Meeting’s themes, so that kids can live a beautiful adventure, accompanied and stimulated in their own intelligence and their own heart, to watch, to question, to discover, and to recognize, following the young adults who lead this educational experience of the Meeting.

At the daily opening of the Village, at 10:30 AM, you are greeted by the music “Launching the Day” during which all the events of the day are illustrated; immediately after, every space in the Village comes alive and the diverse activities begin: manual workshops offered and led by “Pinocchio Park,” artistic workshops - named “Give me a hand” - offered and led by our friend Giuseppe Pecci, as well as an island of board games adapted for the entire family, perfect for generating a “meeting” between the players.

The Bandleader, the mascot of the Village, accompanies us each year in choosing between the many events offered in the Village, especially the events at 4 PM: “The Musicians of 7x8, Everyone Must Count!” or, on Tuesday the 23rd, the jugglers of the Combriccola dei Lillipuzziani and the Dancing-Game led by the instructors of the Italian Federation of “Gioco-Danza.”
Each day, the kids are able to visit two exhibitions: the first is the exhibition show “Today I Want to Bring You All to Paradise” created in occasion with the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy called by Pope Francis 800 years (1216-2016) after the “Pardon of Assisi” and the construction of the Portiuncula, the place where Saint Francis began the “Brotherhood”- a show leading us to know the life lived together of the Friars Minor, which has at its foundation the recognition of the other, my “brother,” as a gift for me, for my life, for my vocation, for my sanctity. The exhibition “The Flight Diary of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and His Little Prince” recounts the life of the author of The Little Prince, who as a child discovered that looking at things from above matched his desires and his dreams: and so began his passion for flight and airplanes that shaped his entire life - the desire of something great made him a navigator of the world with the eyes of a child, looking for a friend to count on. Every afternoon at 6:00 PM inside the large Village Theatre, there will be several encounters: “The Keynoteencounter with the musician Marcelo Cesena, on his life and his music live on the piano, as well as “Ruba con gli occhi e prova… il metodo del padre” (Watch intensely and experience… the method of the father), an encounter with the painter Davide Frisoni who recounts the birth of his passion for art and teaching. We will have our annual encounter with the sports journalist Nando Sanvito and his video of sports stories entitled “Lealtà vo’ cercando” (I Go Searching for Loyalty), as well as a selection of books for kids with recitations passages of “Hanna never closes her eyes” by Luigi Ballerini and “The Last Elephant” by Pino Pace, and the presentation of the book and short film on Rolando Rivi “God chooses the small,presented by author Emilio Bonicelli and producer Riccardo Denaro, with the participation of Sergio Rivi.

Every evening at 9:00 PM, the Village Theatre hosts compelling shows: the “Evocative Bubble Show,” a show of giant soap bubbles and music, “The Quaglioglio,” a show of music, designs, and animated stories, “LightAirs,” a show of sand animation, Celtic music, and an animated poetry reading, the show “No one under the age of 18 (unless accompanied by a minor)” by the company La Cumpa, and the “Soup of Fables,” a playful show performed by the Combriccola dei Lillipuziani.
On Wednesday, August 20th, maestro Villa will bring us the musical-ballet “A scuola cantando con grammaticanto e… oltre” (with fun songs about school), while on Thursday the 21st, with all of our friends from the week of the Meeting, we will celebrate at the Festival of the Village and the party for the 40th anniversary of the song “I Liocorni” (the Unicorns) sung and set to live music by a group of artists, including Al Morigi, Zafra, Eliana Carayol, and the le Voci senza Frontiere (Voices Without Frontiers).

For the younger children, every day there will be the Theatre of the Marionettes, with many characters and stories to tell, for children ages 3-6. Don’t miss the “Bookstore for Kids,” where every afternoon at 3:00 PM there are books for kids to buy, browse, read, and listen along to animated readings; every evening at 10:00 PM, the Bandleader will read bedtime stores.

The Village welcomes the youngest children, until 3 years of age, in a special Kids Area full of games to suit them while moms and dads, within earshot, are able to rest while watching them play from the benches of the Village.

For kids ages 4-8, there will be the “Consorzio Icaro” (paid service), where parents can entrust their kids, for one or more hours, to qualified persons. There will also be the “Papperia” area, a place reserved for mothers and babies, equipped with all the necessary comforts.