Can we live like this?

The experience of Cleuza Ramos and Marcos Zerbini

“Thank you for being part of my life”. With these moved words Marcos Zerbini, member of the State Parliament of San Paolo, concluded his own speech at the Meeting of Rimini in front of more than six thousand people. The meeting has been the first of a series named “Can we live like this?”. They will focus on several witnesses of meaningful experiences.
Giorgio Vittadini in the introduction of the encounter recalled the title of the Meeting and affirmed that “..protagonist is the one who has the reasons to behave” and as a consequence “..acts, creates experiences. He shows to live a different life. This different life has been simply told by Marcos and his wife Cleuza Ramos, responsible of the movement “Trabalhadores Sem Terra” of San Paolo, with the projection of a documentary about the phases of the life of the movement. Cleuza Ramos told that the movement began facing real needs, avoiding ideological complications and, rather, looking for concrete solutions. “We were without home- said Cleuza- but then we succeeded in constructing a whole quarter”. Later, they face the other needs: the water, the school. About the University: “..only few people in Brazil can go to the public University - she said- but private University is very expensive so there are many vacant places.” The movement succeeded in creating special arrangements and many guys can now study at more affordable costs”. But the growth of the movement was not enough. There was much work but it seemed that there was no meaning. Then Marcos Zerbini has started his speech and he told that it became essential change the way of facing the needs. The meaning should be in their own existence and in the meaning of their existence itself. Through the encounter with the people form Communion and Liberation a deep reflection began. “Christ does not want only a part of you. He wants everything of you. He was asking us for everything”. Zerbini said that as a consequence “Now there is much more work, but it is lighter”. This change of perspective involved a change also in private lives “Until the desire of being married – he said creating a shiver of emotion in the hall- It became clear that we were not together just to make a work but because Christ put us together as an help. He put us together because each one of us can help the other to be aware of Christ. Instead of break up, we get married.”

“There are many that for twenty years work for making houses: they then stopped there. But if you realize that there is a tiredness that can stop you can do the same of Cleuza and Marcos – said in the conclusion Giorgio Vittadini. If you realize it, everything you have done is not enough and you go beyond. You understand that there is another presence, there is something else that changes your life and makes concrete and enduring things. Protagonist means to say “yes” to that. You are happy because you are not satisfied, you are not still.”