Sinisi Fabrizio

Fabrizio Sinisi (Barletta, 1987) has graduated from Modern Letters at the University of Bari and has started the volume with poetry collection The Hunger (Archinto, 2011). In the theater he worked as a playwright for many plays: among other things are The Betrothed to the test of GiovanniTestori (Milan, 2010) and the lyric opera The same sea by Fabio Vacchi and Amos Oz (Bari, 2011) both directed by Federico Tiezzi; The grip by Luigi Pirandello (Florence, 2011), directed by Arturo Cirillo. He translated and edited the dramatic text of Job, or friends ‘s torture by Fabrice Hadjadi’s (Marietti 2011), staged with Andrea Maria Carabelli’s (Rimini, 2011). In 2011 he also wrote prologues and edited the drama of Woyzeck by Georg Büchner’s edited by Federico Tiezzi (Florence, February 2013), within the experience of the “Teatro Laboratorio della Toscana”. In December 2012, his drama in the verse The Great Walk (Bari, Royal Theater), directed by Federico Tiezzi and the interpretation by Sandro Lombardi, among others, is staged. He currently carries out research activities at the Chair of Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature at the University of Bari «Aldo Moro».


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