Ricci Marina

Pugliese by birth and Roman by adoption, Marina Ricci began her journalistic career in 1982 at the weekly publication “Il Sabato” and then at the international monthly publication “Trenta Giorni,” working on the situation of the Church in Eastern Europe.
In 1992, at the moment of the foundation of Tg5, Ricci assumed the role of Vatican Correspondent, following the papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.
In 202, she was among 14 journalists who wrote the texts for the Way of the Cross of the Pope at the Colosseum. She created and organized the exhibition Lo spazio della Sapienza – Santa Sofia a Istanbul for the Rimini Meeting and created the documentary series A spasso nel mistero, dedicated to six stories of the Christian faith.
In 2012, she left Mediaset.
She is married with five children.

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