Mekonnen Teklè

Teklè Mekonnen Menghesha was born in Keren, Eritrea, in 1958. He holds a Bachelor in Philosophy and a License in Theology (Pontifical University of Lateran, Rome, Italy). Moreover, he got a Master in Government and International Relationships from the University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA) and a Ph.D. in Political Philosophy from the Pontifical University of Lateran, Rome.
He was a Lecturer at the Franciscan Institute of Philosophy and Theology of Addis Ababa. Subsequently, he was Rector of the Pontifical Ethiopian College in Vatican City.
Mekonnen has been Headmaster of Lideta Catholic Cathedral School twice.
Since 2009, he’s been President of the Ethiopian Catholic University of St. Thomas Aquinas (ECUSTA), Addis Ababa.
He’s been Board Member of Ethiopian Catholic School and of Nazareth School.

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