De Poli Sandro

As of November 1, 2011, Sandro De Poli began his new role as Country
CEO for Italy and Israel.
Prior to the current appointment, Sandro held the position of Vice President of Commercial
Operations for GE Healthcare Europe, where he has driven profitability and growth for the
In 2004, De Poli held the position of General Manager Commercial Integration where he
managed the integration between GE Medical Systems and Amersham at a global level.
A nearly 30-year GE Veteran, Sandro has held several marketing and commercial leadership
positions within GE Healthcare across Europe. He first joined GE Healthcare, at that time GE
Medical Systems, as the Marketing Manager in Italy for breakthrough diagnostic imaging
equipment in 1982, soon moving to a European level. In 1993 he became the Region Sales
Leader for Italy, Turkey, Greece and Israel. In 1998 he was appointed Services Sales VP for GE
Healthcare, based in Paris.
Sandro lives in Milan with his wife and three sons.

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