I’ll tell you a story – Federico

November 2021

Brought here every year by my parents as a child, I have always participated in the Meeting. I am now 17 years old and I have always found it to be a place filled with beauty. But I had never asked myself what was behind all of its attraction—this last edition helped me to discover it.

At the 2021 Meeting I did an internship in the Fundraising sector and so I had the opportunity to stay “behind the scenes” and participate in the construction of this place which amazes me every year.

I have understood that this reality is based on total gratuitousness. I saw around me people who dedicated themselves entirely to building the place of the Meeting, which caused the desire to give all of myself to be born in me.

Thanks to my experience in the Fundraising sector, I discovered that the Meeting is completely founded starting from a gift, which can be of time, money, or participation in the event itself. I understood that the gift is a rapport, a relationship, a bond that causes great joy and always brings with it great fruit, just look at the charm of this event.


I can’t wait for the next edition of the Meeting to arrive, to get involved again, to give something of myself once again, without ever taking this beauty for granted


Federico, Bologna