“Your resistance is martyrdom; it is the dew of fruitfulness”. Persecution against Christians and solidarity with them.

Curated by Marta Petrosillo, Spokesperson ACS Italia.


A journey into the world of persecution through the stories of its victims. The exhibition set up by the ACS Foundation provides a thorough insight into the suffering of Christians and the violations of religious freedom all over the world. From Nigeria to North Korea, passing from Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, China. The number of persecuted Christians goes up to 200 million and ACS will guide you through the hardest scenarios, i. e. when your faith in Christ can pose a threat to your life. The Egyptian Copts killed by ISIS in Libya, the students slaughtered in Garissa, the religious women shot in Yemen, the forced displacement of Christians from Iraq. The exhibition showcases the atrocities of fundamentalism by not only simply condemning persecutions, but also speaking up for the persecuted themselves. The exhibition is also intended to show what the Foundation has achieved in terms of helping the victims, both from a material and a spiritual point of view, and allowing Christians to remain in their own countries.
ACS will showcase the most remarkable actions taken by the Foundation out of more than 6 thousand activities carried out every year, through videos made by persecuted Christians.
Within the exhibition area visitors will also find special guides for the occasion: priests and religious people of the persecuted Church – from Ukraine to Central Africa, from Iraq to Pakistan – who will guide them and be there to answer their questions.
Over the past 70 years, ACS has always managed to provide tangible support while also raising awareness about persecuted Christians. In the past, Christians were oppressed by communist regimes beyond the iron curtain, now some are risking genocide in the Middle East, others are being oppressed by fundamentalisms or deprived of religious freedom under totalitarian regimes.


19 Agosto 2016 - 25 Agosto 2016




Piazza C5
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