Yes, they are all mine! The story of welcoming in the facts and faces of the Fraternity Association


Sunday, August 22, 2010 – Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pavilion A3

“No one can be as fortunate and happy as a man and a woman who are made by God fathers and mothers. Fathers and mothers of all those who are encountered” (Father Giussani). For more than 25 years the Fraternity Association has been living this invitation through the welcoming of foster children. Three families started this experience in 1984 and in the course of the years this reality grew. Today, more than 300 families welcome over 600 children. The act of welcoming is a movement of the heart that spontaneously emerges in front of a need. The reason for this movement, though, is an extraordinary fact: the encounter with Christ and the continual presence in His companionship.

Curated by Anna D’Ambrosio, Antonella Gobbi, Cristiano Guarneri, Paolo Martignoni, Loredana e Antonio Ricciardi, Andrea Salini.

With the collaboration of the Fraternity Association with Antonio D’Ambrosio, Damiano Geroldi, Emilio, Guia Gobbi and Giuseppe Sghirlanzoni.