Wargames. What war?


‘The aim of the exhibition is to draw attention to the Gulf War, the most dra-matic and spectacular event of the last few years, seen in a very stringent and fundamental perspective. Besides the large number of pictures, the exhibition includes journalists’ reports on the event and a guided research through some of Italy’s and the world’s foremost publications. The chance to follow the war almost “live” set off in the written media a sort of competitive mechanism which produced a plethora of pages, dossiers, nine column headlines, only appa-rently providing at the level of detailed reporting that which was forthcoming in speed. This was no media triumph however. The abundance of pictures and words provoked a sort of “fog effect”. This exhibition is an after-the-event re–examination and critique of much of the information received from the Gulf and underscores the flightiness, crudeness, suspect unanimism and guilty omissions. 40 panels reproduce extracts from articles, comparisons of headli-nes, selections of cartoons. The same goes for TV news displayed on a series al 6 monitors.’


24 Agosto 1991 - 31 Agosto 1991


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