The passion of Christ, the passion of man


‘During international youth year Pope John Paul II announced in Rome the beatification of Pio Campidelli who had belonged to the Institute of the Passionist Fathers founded by San Paolo della Croce in 1720. The Passionists of Casale have put together an exhibition dedicated to the relationship between the Passion of Christ and the Passion of Man comprising paintings, photography, literary documentation and personal effects belonging to Pio Campidelli. The collection includes works by a number of artists amongst whom are Annigoni, Bacosi; Banfi-Rossi, Brindisi, Carmassi, Di Fabrizio, Donzelli, Ercole, Giuman, Guerrieri, Mandelli, Pontillo, Reggio, Solati, Sughi, Treccani. Pio Campidelli was born at Trebbio di Poggio Berni in the province of Forlì on 29th April 1868. The son of poor farm labourers, he met the Passionist missionaries for the first time when he was 12 during their preaching meetings at Poggio Berni and Torriana. On 2nd May 1882 he joined their Community at Casale di San Vito. He took his vows in 1884 and began studying for the priesthood. His studies were cut short by his death from tuberculosis on 2nd November 1889. The exhibition has been laid out in the Sala Ottagonale next to the Cathedral in the old centre of Rimini. During the course of the week there will be meetings with Leo Strozzieri, the art critic, Natale Cavatassi, who edited the catalogue, and Fernando Taccone, a Passionist Father whose idea it was to organize the exhibition.’


23 Agosto 1986 - 30 Agosto 1986


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