SIMPLY TANGO - Meeting di Rimini
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Dancers: Carlotta Santandrea; Patricio Lolli; Silvia Galletti; Ricardo Barrios; Musicians: Hernàn Luciano Fassa; Virgilio Monti; Vincenzo Albini; Gerardo Agnese


Tango means contact, silent dialogue between bodies; tango is the encounter and the unity between a man and a woman. Tango is dance, music, art. The show taking place on Monday 22nd August 2016, at 9.45pm at UnipolsaiArena D3, will showcase the simple and intense beauty of this dance: the graceful sensuality of the woman, the firm elegance of the guide, the harmony of the couple and the magic of music.
The audience will be captivated by the fascinating tradition of this dance and by the anecdotes about people who shaped its history and immortal poems.
The stage will host an international group of talented artits, many of whom coming from Argentina. They are unique because they can feel Buenos Aires sky in their heart while dancing…
Their ensemble represent a typical argentinian orchestra composed of a bandoneon, a piano, a violin, a double bass and two couples of dancers.
Everything you will see in this show is….simply Tango!


22 Agosto 2016






Arena Spettacoli Unipolsai D3