Rites and myths of masks


‘In the sector of design and creation of masks for the theatre, the work of Amleto Sartori, begun in the first post-war years and continued after his death in 1962 by his son, sculptor Donato, has become an authori-tative point of reference for historical and technical research. The exhibition collects and re-proposes the story of the art of the Sartori family, and presents for the first time in such a complete manner the itinerary of the mask, displaying material which is exceptional for both, quantity and artistic value. Side by side with original exhibits there is a vast patrimony of masks, sculptures, documents and objects which have been created and collected in more than 50 years of research throu-ghout the world. The first part of the exhibition includes masks, costumes and a vast photographic documentation concerning the tribal, initiation, propitiato-ry, evocative and theatrical rites of some of the most representative and interesting world cultures. The second part analyses the mask as a scenic element in the history of western culture, and includes famous reproductions, loaned from public and private collections, of the masks used in greek and roman theatre; there is, of course, a section on the phenomenon of the Commedia dell’Arte, which is followed by the pre-sentation of the work of the Sartori family, which re-propose and re–elaborate an antique and wealthy tradition. The final part of the exhibition is dedicated to the evolution of the mask in the contemporary world.’


22 Agosto 1987 - 29 Agosto 1987


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