The beauty through music of different eras and traditions. Valentina Oriani, Marco Squicciarini, Stefano Dall’Ora will interpret spirituals, songs of the Sephardic community, the Hispanic folklore, Italian and Irish folk singing and the South American sounds.


Ethnic Music Concert: Beauty Through the Mu¬sic of Different Eras and Traditions.

Origines Trio offers an evening dedicated to beauty. The concert, entitled “Cara Beltà” (Dear Beauty), and comprising pieces from different eras and traditions, will speak of the desire and nostalgia for beauty, interpreted as the desire for God, finally arriving at the Incarnation – and at the Virgin Mary as vehicle of the Incarnation – as the fulfillment of this desire.
Origines Trio was born from the encounter of Valentina Oriani (vocals), Marco Squicciarini (classical guitar), and Stefano Dall’Ora (bass). After a passionate and thorough study, the Trio has chosen to propose pieces from various genres and different ethno-musical environments: from the songs of Sephardic communities to spirituals, from Hispanic folklore to Italian folk songs, from Irish sonority to South American sensibility. In approaching each piece, the Trio always tries to emphasize the popular and profoundly human origin of the music and lyrics, using the arrangement and harmonization to showcase each melody’s particular character. The concert program also includes several instrumental guitar pieces, drawn from a repertoire with a popular flavor and presented through a respectful elaboration, with the addition of deep bass tones that enrich them with a new and magnetic musical strength. In December 2004, Origines Trio performed at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall – the prestigious chamber music hall in New York – where, on the explicit invitation of the Carnegie Hall management, they gave another performance in December 2005.
“The fact is that the power to transform an audience into a real community is possessed only by those works that know how to take hold of an individual not as a single individual, but as an element of the people, of humanity, and of the divine nature that radiates in him.” (W. Furtwängler)


22 Agosto 2012






Teatro D2 Frecciarossa 1000