Obedience and madness: Paul servant of Christ, apostle by vocation


‘The exhibition intends highlighting certain significant aspects of the personality of St. Paul: soft-hearted and decisive, audacious, indomitable, happy in suffering, invincible albeit in his weakness. No human sentiments exist that are foreign to him. How can such contrasting aspects exist all together in one person? To understand, we must travel to the centre of Paul’s experience: Christ resurrected who joins him on the road to Damascus and who will accompany him for the rest of his life. Without the love of Christ, the figure of Saint Paul would remain an insoluble puzzle. His temperament, his intelligence and affection are placed at the service of the duty which God’s mercy has assigned to him: to testify the grace received to the entire world, ‘I have done everything to everyone to gain someone at all costs ‘ (1 Cor.).’


22 Agosto 1999 - 28 Agosto 1999


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