MISCELLANEA BEAT - Meeting di Rimini


Gionata Costa, cello, wah; Massimo Marches voice, guitar and samples


Exciting reassessments of Fab Four’s repertoire with guitar, cello and ukulele, new interpretations of songs from the ‘80s.
Gionata Costa and Massimo Marches know each other for 15 years because they attended the same pub in Rimini where some musicians of the area meet each other and play. In 2011 Massimo has still a project and asks Gionata for a good cello player. To let him better understand his idea he sends him a file called “miscellanea beat” with an homemade record. So was founded the Miscellanea Beat duo.
Gionata Costa, who still was a founder of Quintorigo band, collaborates with some of the most important musicians in Italy (Battiato, Bocelli, Rava, Mingus). He has taken part to the theater tours of Aldo Giovanni & Giacomo, Paolo Cevoli e Cochi & Renato and has released 8 EPs with Quintorigo, receiving many awards by music critics and music journalists.
Massimo Marches’ musical education is about pop – rock, he has played guitar for some important Italian artists (Syria, Davide De Marinis, Marco Morandi). He has a long experience on stage in live concerts and has released 7 Eps, working on musical arrangements as well.
In 2000 he has founded Officine Pan which song “Gianni va veloce” won the Tim tour in 2004.
In 2010 he has released his first own EP, “Le stagioni di un tempo” , produced by Roberto Vernetti.
Miscellanea beat have played some songs of their “Within the Beatles” in 2012 during the launch of the book “Il libro bianco dei Beatles. La storia e le storie di tutte le canzoni”, written by Franco Zanetti.


23 Agosto 2016






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