Meeting Music Contest

The Meeting Music Contest is the result of the synergy between the Rimini Meeting and the Meeting of Independent Labels of Faenza (MEI), to which so far more than 137 bands have already registered. This music contest, dedicated to songwriting, is addressed to young artists and bands eager to get involved, to perform on the prestigious stage of the Rimini Meeting and to get a chance to win important prizes. The Artistic Direction of the Rimini Meeting and the Mei will shortlist 16 semi-finalists who will perform from August 20th  to 23rd in the Meeting’s swimming pools area. The 8 finalists will compete for the victory during the final evening of August 25th that will take place in Piazza Tre Martiri in Rimini. On this occasion, a special Jury of Honour, made up of Lorenzo Baglioni, N.A.I.P, Erica Mou, Federico Mecozzi, Max Monti and other.


25 Agosto 2021






Arena Lido - Rimini Darsena