Leonardo Da Vinci. The art of invention: between order and beauty

Curated by Carlo Teruzzi. With the collaboration of the Antonio Rosmini School of Human Sciences and the Dignitatis Personae Foundation of Domodossola. Machines and reproductions of private drawings are kindly provided by the Pierre Gianadda Foundatio


The exhibition is about the art and soul of one of the greatest representatives of the Renaissance. Visitors will discover Leonardo as a researcher and developer, as a passionate scholar and inventor who was never fully satisfied with his own discoveries. A man who was aware of being incomplete, just like his creations, and who always pursued perfection, even though he claimed he could never achieve it. The exhibition casts a different light on the life and humanity of the universal genius. Leonardo fascinates us all, due to his curiosity and relentless exploration of the universe and its secrets. Da Vinci’s discoveries represent major landmarks in the development of human kind. Leonardo wanted to be able to fly and to move rapidly: he invented the helicopter and the parachute, the energy-driven automobile and the bike. He developed optical instruments and always worked on perfect time-measurement techniques. His studies range from hydraulic machinery to the most complex war solutions, from day-to-day mechanical tools to the most innovative anatomy and geometry studies.
The exhibition is composed of nine sections which guide visitors towards the discovery of some of Da Vinci’s most brilliant inventions. The itinerary is designed to convey a balance between order, which is well reflected in the inventor’s machinery, and a strong sense of curiosity, the greatest characteristic of a quest that never ends.
The first section is dedicated to Da Vinci’s perspective studies and it focuses on the Annunciation painting, a real masterpiece in which art and science merge to convey a sense or “order and beauty”.
Visitors will then explore Da Vinci’s studies on “Movement”, “Meteorology”, and “Printing”. The central part of the exhibition is dedicated on the two subjects Leonardo never abandoned: “Flying Machines” and “Time Measurement”. In the final part of the exhibition visitors will find Da Vinci’s great accomplishments in the fields of hydraulic and military engineering: from bridges to navigation canals, to his greatest inventions in the field of war machines.


19 Agosto 2016 - 25 Agosto 2016




Piazza C5
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