Hopes of peace in places of war


‘A photographer and a journalist in search for the truth. The journey was carried out by Carlo Meazza and Robi Ronza in November 1979. The objective was Thailand: in particular, some refugee camps of the Cambodian Khmer Rouge and of the Mang people from Laos. “Sa-keo was the first reception camp, a few kilometres from the Cambodian border”, says Meazza, on whose photographs the exhibition is based “Men, women and children would arrive daily into Thailand, in appalling conditions. Many were ill with tuberculosis; many would die along the way. In the refugee camp, run by the UN they would find first aid, food and moments of nearly normal daily life, although in a situation of dramatic emergency “. The exhibition intends to give a little contribution to the awareness of this great tragedy.’


23 Agosto 1980 - 31 Agosto 1980


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