Acrobats and comedians in a show of acrobatic theatre that tells the story of a group of clochard intended to ‘born again’. A performance by Marcello Chiarenza and Alessandro Serena.


Equilibrists and comics in an acrobatic theater show that relates the vicissitudes of a group of vagrants.

From a 10-year history of success in the circus comes the new Karakasa Circus company, who will present a show entitled Home Sweet Home: equilibrists and comics in a fresh spectacle of acrobatic theater that relates the vicissitudes of a group of vagrants, stuck in a formless place strewn with nonsensical objects and engaged in the attempt to survive the harshest conditions.
The company consists of eight actors, clowns, acrobats, equilibrists, and jugglers from Italy and Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Russia, and Hungary), and from theatrical experiences, street performance, the circus, and acrobatics at the highest levels.
Home Sweet Home is a poetic and ramshackle spectacle inspired by the Balkans, the conditions of vagrants and tramps, and the lost relationship with nature that forces humanity into a relationship with refuse, intended to mean both garbage and the negation of reality. The scenery evokes a disordered place that could even be a concentration camp, refugee camp, or garbage dump – a place where people who live in drastic conditions meet, and attempt to reconstruct their lives and recover meaning in the world by working for a new genesis. Hunger, cold, forced work, exhaustion, obsession with the closed quarters, having to live in extremely degraded conditions, competition with the other components of the group – in this disordered corner of the world, surrounded by the din of the metropolis, homeless equilibrists and comics survive, contenting themselves with the sky for a roof.
The arrival of a “stranger” reawakens the natural desire for life and beauty, provoking a transformation of normal things and gestures.
A flash of lightning, a rumble of thunder, a rain of tears. A gust of wind sings melodies, and those abandoned by the world reconstruct “home sweet home” in the world. Forgotten objects speak again. Tired bodies soar in acrobatic jumps, chians of bodies against powerful music. In the dancing euphoria, the joy of living emerges. An example of symphonic theater, where the discipline of acrobatics mixes with that of theater, using scenery made from “ramshackle” salvaged materials that takes shape by magic before the eyes of the spectators, with a healthy dose of dreamy, surreal comedy.


23 Agosto 2012






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