Disruptive. The challenge of rebuilding

Organising committee
Michele Brambilla Pisoni, Cristiano Carenzi, Francesco Magni, Tommaso Prinetti

Scientific-technical committee
Giovanni Amman, Marco Bardazzi, Emanuele Bianchi, Alberto Brugnoli, Giulio Calabrese, Giovanni Cerati, Irene Elisei, Marco Lezzi, Ambrogio Luoni, Gianmaria Martini, Fabio Miozzari, Mattia Papa, Maddalena Saccaggi, Michele Toso, Paolo Toso, Federico Visconti, Giampaolo Vitali

Digital exhibition development team
Alice Bocchio, Michele Bruno, Giovanni Clericetti, Nicolò Ghirimoldi, Federico Pozzi, Andrea Silvano, Davide Zoppi

Development team exhibision in presence
Federica Annoni, Giorgio Bonadei, Iacopo Prinetti, Luca Tassetto, Francesco Toso

In his speech at the end of the year, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella told us that “We do not live in a parenthesis of history. This is builders’ time. The next few months represent a decisive step to get out of the emergency and to lay the foundations for a new season”.
The exhibition was born from a group of university students interested in looking for and looking at “builders” and – if possible – contributing with this work to “a new season”. With this in mind, they approached Sergio Marchionne to understand the reasons and methods with which he faced the serious crisis of Fiat in 2004 and then created and led an international automotive group until his death in 2018. The desire is to provoke anyone who cares about the restart of our country, not because there is a perfect model to apply but for the opportunity of a confrontation with a person who has come out of the pre-established patterns and has risked personally finding many supports and many objections.
The exhibition will be both digital and face-to-face in Rimini, through unpublished interviews with some of the most authoritative and diversified personalities who will highlight the audacity and criticalities of a managerial-entrepreneurial method that wanted to take up an enormous challenge without avoiding problems.


20 Agosto 2021 - 25 Agosto 2021




Padiglione C3