Baroque America


‘Baroque in Latin America was not only an artistic and aesthetic phenomenon, but first and foremost an original culture bringing together religious forms, po-pular folklore, the new sciences, cartography, the di-scovery of the cities. Baroque culture was born half-caste. It took a part of pre-existing Amerindian lore and completed it with Spanish and Portuguese Catho-lic traditions. This is why the artistic expressions of this period are particularly rich and indicative of the multiform human and cultural tendencies which were the mature result of the first evangelization of South America. All these elements have enabled South American Baroque to offer an original and special contribution to European Baroque. American Baro-que centres on a new-born society which, full of con-tradictions, lives the hope and commitment of its new life, generated by the encounter with the Christian ho-pe announced in the Gospel. This art is consequently not pietistic or obscure, but rather luminous and tran-sparent, manifesting a reconciliation with nature and the world. Society, commerce, the new universities and popular traditions organised themselves around this religious experience, assimilating and raising to its peak that Indian hallmark which gave shape to those lands. The exhibition is composed of over sixty photos plus engravings, maps and architectural plans. It is divided into three sections centering on the following topics: 1) culture and society in the colonial pe-riod; 2) cathedrals and convents: fires of the Baroque city; 3) a persuasive art. The CESAL (Centre for Studies and Solidarity with Latin America) is a work of culture and co-operation linked to the AVSI of Cesena and ‘Encuentro’ Publi-cations of Madrid publish the work of Santiago Seba-stian ‘The Spanish American Baroque’.’


22 Agosto 1992 - 29 Agosto 1992


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