A heart greater than war. Soldiers’ Songs throughout the Great War

Curated by Coro Canto e Tradizione (CET).


Some of the more suggestive and characteristic themes of the alpine tradition are nostalgia, melancholy, and the perceived lack or absence of something (or Someone) that fills the human heart.
The simplicity of human experiences delivered in the most beautiful songs adds the expression of need in the human heart to this peak of waiting (albeit often unknowingly). Often the text is composed of elementary evocations, of life and death, love and war, vocation and seasons. In these words you will find the truth of the stories and only the confused outline of a human question. However, in the musical dimension, you will find a premonition of the real depths of human desire and a possibility of fulfillment. In these songs, even in the saddest and most dramatic, there is no trace of recrimination and despair, but rather a clear sense of compassion and hope. Man is able to desire, to love, to give, and to pray while certain of a bigger origin and destiny.


20 Agosto 2015 - 26 Agosto 2015




Piazza A3
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